FIELDBASE prides itself in the unique service we are able to offer our clients through the entire lifecycle of our projects. We are also always reviewing our processes and the metrics by which we measure our performance with the intention of continuing to improve on the quality of service we provide to our clients.

From the first service enquiry, we stay in close touch with the customer ensuring that we capture the essential details of the project to enable him to scope the project. Our services are broadly broken down into two categories:

  • Interventions and Routine maintenance
  • Product Procurement

Interventions and Routine Maintenance

Upon receipt of an enquiry, one of our Business Development Managers will contact the potential client and work consultatively with them to ensure their enquiry is addressed in a timely and professional manner. This consultative process will typically involve in establishing the scope of work, initiating the concept design if necessary, generating and estimating with terms and conditions, clarification of any part of our proposal right up to approval/award. The quality of this engagement is monitored, using metrics we regularly check with our clients to ensure relevance, and used in the review of our processes by our Quality Manager. Once the enquiry is progressed to a live opportunity, a Project Manager is assigned to the project with responsibilities for planning the project, arranging all logistics and permitting required as well as keeping the customer updated on the progress of the project. We also provide a relevant update on customized portals where our clients can view project information and track progress updates.

The Project Manager liaises with relevant department to allocate resources required for the project. This includes engineer, materials (spares etc.) as well as administrative, logistic and financial input. The progress of the assigned engineer against the tasks for the projects is regularly sent to the client and also available on the portal. Once the service is complete, a project report is generated which is signed by the relevant authority on site and sent to the client within 48hrs.

FieldBase Project Management
FieldBase Project Managment

Once the service is complete, an invoice detailing time and pre-agreed expenses is sent to the client for payment. This is followed by a short survey which gives the client the opportunity to assess all aspects of our service – including those provided by office and field staff. The feedback of this report feeds into our continuous improvement process and any reviews that require immediate follow-up is dealt with in constructive manner ensuring we resolve any issues or have understood and any concerns or positive feedback provided.

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