FIELDBASE has strong relationships and acts as local representative to industry leading manufacturers of communication, entertainment, surveillance and navigation systems. With our extensive experience in the end-to-end delivery of these systems to Marine and Terrestrial locations, FIELDBASE is able to procure and deliver equipment to various locations in Africa.

Our services includes annual maintenance and technical support for the below systems

  • Communication and Navigation Systems
  • Dynamic Positioning Systems
  • Control Systems
  • Marine Electronics
  • Medical Systems
  • Payment Systems
  • IT Systems
Marine Electronics Nigeria

We help companies with operations in Africa develop and implement an international support strategy for their products / projects. Our aim is to provide very high quality support our clients would otherwise have to mobilise from outside our region allowing them cut overheads and establish long term relationships that benifits both our companies. We do this by working with our clients to invest in and develop local expertise in a cost effective and purposeful manner that fits the exact requirements of our clients. We are conversant with global best practices and drive a very high safety and quality standard within the company.